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Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good
Heavenly Minded, Earthly Good

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TUMI's Capstone Curriculum is a comprehensive leadership training foundation...

"TUMI offers an ever-growing selection of curriculum to resource the Church for the Great Commission.  The Capstone Curriculum is a comprehensive leadership development curriculum (16 modules), covering everything needed to prepare God-called leaders for effective ministry in and through the church.  The Foundations for Ministry Series is comprised of various courses to help leaders grow in their knowledge of Scripture, theology, the Christian life, and practical ministry. They are ideal for either individual or group study, including Sunday schools, Bible studies, and small groups.  Fight the Good Fight of Faith is a single volume course that is useful for introducing new students to TUMI’s training.  Those who complete it are ready to enter TUMI’s Capstone seminary training"


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A Message to Pastors: How can IMI be a powerful partner for your church?

IMI is dedicated to equipping leaders of the Church. We will work with Pastors of churches who desire the training for their people, but simply don't have the resources. We can offer a catered curriculum that focuses on the essentials of Christian leadership and ministry. For more information please click the Capstone Curriculum below.


Capstone Curriculum Information 

Coursework, Class time, life, and ministry.

At IMI we know how valuable and precious time is. That's why we make every attempt to work classroom schedules around the students life and ministry. However, we also know that those who are called to Church leadership have a burden to do what it takes to be equipped and trained to meet the calling they have received. This program is not for everyone. It is for those who are truly committed. This program is for those who genuinely believe they are called to serve in leadership within The Body of Christ. This is not for the half-hearted or slightly committed. IMI is here to equip the leaders of the Church, and leadership starts with dedication and accountability.

IMI works with various denominations to make sure their leaders are trained from common understandings...

The TUMI Capstone Curriculum and IMI Leadership Program share the same goal when it comes to teaching and training God's people. From TUMI's website it explains the way this unity is accomplished,"TUMI Is unashamedly evangelical but not sectarian. Your students may come from Baptistic, Reformed, Pentecostal, Methodist, Holiness, Independent or any other of the varied traditions that represent evangelical Christian belief. Our theological framework is the Nicene Creed and our focus is on the essentials of the faith held in common by all orthodox Christian traditions. On non-essential issues of doctrine there is freedom to disagree. Theological Diversity (pages 46 - 50 in your TUMI Mentor Manual) addresses the evangelically orthodox stance of TUMI, and, correspondingly, our interdenominational orientation."


Teaching Critical Skills
"A major goal of our ministry training is helping our students not to over-react or respond unthinkingly to ideas and viewpoints different from their own, especially those they encounter in their textbooks, or in heated class discussions. In order to help us understand how to train our students in the skills of dialogue and critical thinking, Dr. Davis has written a short but fine essay that everyone should read and distribute at their satellite. The title of the essay is Holding Fast the Good: Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Leadership Development, and deals with how we have to handle diversity of thought and opinion in our training."


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More About The Capstone Curriculuum

The Capstone Curriculum is a 16-module training program, taught at a seminary level, which we specifically designed to serve as the most essential knowledge and skill learning necessary for effective urban ministry and church leadership.  Although each module contains its own specific list of objectives to guide mentors and students through the material, below you will find our eight overall objectives we seek to implement across our Capstone Curriculum:

  • To ground emerging urban leaders in the Gospel of Christ, enabling them to know the basics of conversion and their own calling to salvation and leadership

  • To root our students in the indispensability of the Church to serve as both agent and locus of the Kingdom, and for them to serve the church practically and specifically in the local assembly...

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What's a TUMI?
Read: TUMI's Reason For Doing What They Do...

As the national training arm for World Impact, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) equips leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God. We focus our...

IMI is All About Second Chances 

The Idaho Ministry Institute has partnered with another local ministry to ensure those men who are incarcerated in the state of Idaho have a chance to get their life and ministry on track for the Lord. In a seamless transition, those men studying the Capstone Curiculuum inside the prison walls can continue where they left off as a student at IMI.

TUMI's Core Values are Our Core Values...

There is one living and true God, infinitely perfect in glory, wisdom, holiness, justice, power and love, one in His essence but eternally existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God sovereignly created...


TUMI and IMI have a heart for Church Planting and Working with World Impact

As a Christian missions organization, World Impact is committed to facilitating church planting movements by evangelizing, equipping, and empowering America's urban poor. Our vision is to recruit, empower, and release urban leaders who will plant churches and launch indigenous church planting movements.

TUMI Core Values:

As an evangelical ministry to the city, The Urban Ministry Institute seeks to integrate its spiritual formation, projects, and ministries around a set of deeply held values that direct our efforts and shape our commitments. The following concise list...

Ministry Partners

The Idaho Ministry Institute is a ministry of 3 Oaks Ministries, Inc. Boise, Idaho in partnership with The Urban Ministry Institute and the Idaho Chaplains Association.